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Shania Twain always has a smile on her face...not just a picture perfect smile, designed for when the cameras are on, this lady truly smiles. Her music, like her personality, is vibrant, happy, positive and full of energy. You could never tell that a woman so upbeat has worked so hard, all her life, to get where she is today.
We'll never know exactly how hard it was for her parents to provide for the things that were needed to develop her talent, we'll never know how Shania got through the years after her parents died, taking care of her family, putting her dreams on hold. We can only admire the fact that inspite of all that she went through, she still manages to be positive, warm, not jaded...and makes music that's fun as hell!!!! Go Shania!!!
Shania speaks on :
her parents


early thoughts on being a girl :)

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