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"I developed very young and I was very much into sports. So now I wasn't just running on the football team as one of the guys, I was running on the football team bouncing! They weren't seeing me as part of the team, they were seeing me as a girl and I didn't like that." To become one of the guys again, Twain began a habit she is only now breaking. "I started wearing layers of clothing."

"I wanted to be one of the guys, so much so, that there was a period when I wasn't too crazy about being a girl. I wasn't happy to be developing, I didn't want breasts. I was always in guy bands. And when you start becoming more shapely, all of a sudden you are 'The Girl'. I didn't like that. I suppose I didn't really want to grow up, in a way. But I'm 33 now, and although I'm never going to be frilly, I totally enjoy being a girl.

"I used to be very insecure about having large breasts. When I was younger I was very overdeveloped, I would say. And I used to wear layers, I would never wear a bathing suit. I was very insecure about the whole thing because guys stare at your breasts all the time. So now I've decided, 'You know what, no. I'm going to feel comfortable with my breasts.' If they want to look at me as a sex object, that's fine, but that's not going to make me go crawl into the corner."

"You don't have to conceal (your femininity) to be taken seriously, whether you're going to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a recording artist."

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