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Name: Eilleen Regina Twain

Loves: Smell of fire in her hair, spending time out in the bush, playing with animals, pasta,cooking, soup, all in all "good clean fun"

Does not love: clothes shopping, making music of one type of theme or mood

Is Not: Divorcing Mutt, getting back with her old boyfriend, a member of a no-sex cult, a smoker

Is: a morning person, athletic, energetic, a vegetarian, enjoying being a girl, very grounded by her childhood

In her own words: is resourceful, strong, independent, doesn't think she's exceptional looking but can look good in pictures, wishes she was less impatient, HAS CELLULITE...just like the rest of us!!!

Keeps her awards: in a room in her stable

Philosophy: You can't have a happy face if you don't have a happy heart

Birthday: 28th August 1965

Married To : Robert John "Mutt" Lange

Home: Switzerland

Siblings: Older sister Jill, younger siblings, Carrie-Ann, Mark and Daryll

Parents: Sharon and Jerry Twain

Hobbies: Riding horses, camping

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