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I am Sonal Shah - female, for those who are not familiar with the name :), 20 years old, a student of Psychology. I'm from Bombay, India.
I hope you liked the site I spent a lot of late nights making :) To explain my obsession, as some call it, (I call it dedication :)...Shania Twain as a person, and as a singer, inspires me greatly. Her positivity is what does it for me every time...her music makes me want to just go conquer the world, to put it rather dramatically. It's filled with this energy and sunshiney-ness that I find very inspiring...and more so because of all that she's been through in her life. To have been through that, and to not inflict the hurt back on the world is a very brave thing to do in my opinion.
Aside from the deep meaning it adds to my life :) I also think she has a kick ass voice, and a sound that just makes you get off your butt no matter how hard it's glued to the seat :) And it makes me smile...every single time :)
For the past year I've been working hard at making some music of my own - writing and composing with my's a small start but it makes me pretty happy when I listen to it. I have a long way to go before I can get anything from it, but I do dream to sing with/ for Shania's on paper (well, in writing anyway :) till then...I'll just continue to promote her music...tell everyone who doesn't already know, that she's the best singer in the world.

Redhead Bee by Elvis

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