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Some Excellent Shania Sites
Bmac's Shania Twain City - the best Shania scans on the net, news updated as it happens almost :), visit daily!!
The Shania Filez - excellent design, the biggest picture gallery on the net and great content (articles, quotes, mag covers)
Jayne's Shania site- the place to go if rare Shania goodies is what you'd be surprised at the stuff you discover
Shania.Net - a great forum for fans, java games, up-to date content and multimedia
Longshot: The Shania Twain Gallery - again, great on news, great article collection and multimedia
Everything Shania - regular news updates and great picture gallery
Ron's Shania Page - the original super Shania page, has great pictures, especially from her early days
Talon's Shania Page - aside from other great content, there's some fabulous multimedia here...esp. the mpegs
Shania Twain Canadian On-Line Fan Club - Sebastien St. Jean has an excellent page here
Shania Twain Online - Good deal of content found here
Gone And Done It - Very interesting design
Creed's Shania Twain Page - old Shania page, not updated in a while but it has some great video captures
Mutt Lange Zone- the best Mutt Lange site on the net

Online Fan Clubs
The Shania Twain Fans Club
The Mercury Nashville Site
Australian Shania Twain Fan Club
Shania Twain Webring

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