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New! 19/8 Did you know thatů
lllllIn the audition that would decide whether she got a record deal or not, Jessica Andrews sang Shania's I'm Outta Here for Nashville producer Byron Gallimore at his publishing company. "He stopped me in the middle of the song... and I thought, 'Uh oh, he didn't like it.' But then he got everyone in the office to come up and listen," Jessica says.

lllllThat Lance Bass from 'N Sync was at a Shania concert in Tennessee on June 4, 1999. During a meeting with Keith Stegall and Luke Lewis of Mercury Records, Shania's label, Lance mentioned that he'd like to see Shania's show and maybe meet her. Indeed, Lance went to the show, but he didn't meet her.

16/8 MuchMusic Video Awards -
The awards will be held on the 21st of September and Shania's video for her girl's night out anthem :) Man I Feel Like A Woman is up for a nomination in the MuchMusic Award category. It is possible to vote online, I'm just not sure exactly how. I'll find out and post it here. The website didn't have any details.

Honey Go Home -
Shania's hit, Honey I'm Home seems to be quite a favourite for parodies. There was Shania I'm Broke, and now I found Honey Go's pretty funny...check it out.

l26/7 - Country goes pop -While all of Nashville is busy being disapproving as Shania gains more and more success with her unique brand of "pop - country" we see that country singer Daryle Singletary's newest release is a cover of the song I Knew I Loved You by the very pop duo Savage Garden. Wonder what the protectors of traditional country music will say to that. As more country artists turn to a blend of pop and country, do you think Shania, who has received so much criticism so far, will finally be given a break? Post your opinions here.

The Britney-Shania connection - While we've come to expect mentions of Shania in reviews of Britney's latest album, this one review mentions her in a totally different context, referring to Shania's past....check it out:

On "Lucky," Britney tells the story of a famous girl who's lonely just the same -- with a chorus of "She's so lucky, she's a star/But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart." And brilliantly enough, her Swedish writing team has made it seem as though she's shedding tears for someone else. Shania Twain, perhaps?

22/7 -
Keep a look out for the Shania contest coming soon at, Mercury Nashville's Shania site. This is your chance to prove How Well You Know Shania Twain and win an autographed guitar!

UK re-release
- The Woman In Me which was re-released earlier this year in the UK is now available in stores in India. It contains 3 bonus tracks and a video!! The extra tracks are : You Win My Love (Mutt Lange Remix), Home Ain't Where His Heart Is/ The Woman In Me Needs The Man In You/ You've Got A Way Medley, and I'm Outta Here (Dance Mix). The video is God Bless The's slightly different from the U.S. video...containing previously unused footage. Screen caps of it will be here soon.

14/7- Shania's Come On Over has now sold over 32 million copies. This makes Shania the Best Selling Female Artist in any genre ever !!!!!

Christmas album...Reports have it that Shania will be completing the Christmas album by the end of year 2000. Other reports say that Mercury Nashville, Shania's record label, will not be releasing any Christmas albums this year...which confirms news heard earlier that there was to be no Christmas album cause Shania and Mutt were working hard at her studio album...hmmm....right now, your guess is as good as mine as to which is more likely.

14/7- A Shania Interpretive Centre is set to open in Shania's hometown of Timmins, Ontario. It will be filled with Shania memoribilia. Karen Bachman-Tonelli, curator of the Timmins museum, said, "We will be receiving an inordinate amount of stuff, It's going to make the collection really exciting."


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