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"....I think now we should be more realistic of what the roles are of celebrities in society"
Shania Twain~

I've been thinking about that quote and from reading postings on message boards, listening to people talk about their idols, reading fan letters, it just seems as though celebs have more of a responsibility than delivering a great album, or movie or setting a good example. They are often a bigger part of people's lives than they realise and that is probably their biggest responsibility.
I've read postings that are actually very had this girl saying that the only reason that she was alive today was because she had the music of a certain singer playing while she had a blade to her wrists, and something about the song that was playing stopped her from slitting her wrists.(I'm not talking of a Shania fan here). It might be a great attention getting tactic. I mean, that would definitely stand out from a hundred postings, but if it were true, then that is a serious thing.
There's fans that go crazy doing whatever they can to meet their idol, spending money, doing crazy things. The whole point is that celebrities affect people's lives in ways that they probably cannot imagine and maybe they could make it just a little easier for the fans, who are the people that keep them going. (I can really see actors becoming famous and rich if no one went to watch their movies). People like Shania are already headed in the right direction. From what I've read, her concerts are totally awesome for all the fans, (now if only I could go to one :). I even received mail from her--I know it's genuine cause my reply to that address bounced right back. Geez! Get mail from Shania Twain and you can't even reply! I was that close! :)
The point of this whole exercise is to make people aware that there are others around that could get into trouble cause they're obsessed with some celeb (and not everyone is a sweetheart like Shania). So lets help them deal with it... and lets get celebs to stop being so inaccessible. We won't mob you...promise.

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