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: Elvis - for helping me get me started on all of this in the first place :) and for scanning all of those million pictures. Last of all...I am eternally grateful to you for all the miraculous Shania goodies you unearthed from strange places :)). Without you, I'd have just been stuck with 3 or 4 CD's. You're Santa!!! hehehehehe!!!
: Shiv - for almost entirely giving up use of the computer while I made this site. You still can't have it back though!!!!
: Viks - for constantly reminding me that I have a site, which has been down for over a year and which I must work on!!! And also for Shania concert goodies, and for going to the concert in the first place!!!!
: Anjali - for enduring my Shania madness and for telling me more often than anyone else has, that I look like Shania!!!!

: Bmac's Shania Twain City - for some great scans which I used in some parts of this page.
: Jayne Twain - for some great pictures and information, and for always being prompt in answering my queries.
: The Shania Filez - for some pictures and information
: Mutt Lange Zone - for the Mutt picture and facts

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