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After her parents death, she moved the brood to Huntsville, Ontario, where she found work singing at a resort - Deerhurst. There were three showrooms in the lodge. One was for rock, one country and one for the big revue production. She performed in them all, doing seven shows a week in the big room, then late-night sets in the rock bar and the country lounge until midnight. She recalls singing everything from Latin numbers to La Vie en Rose, from pop to Broadway in the annual revues.

"It was so over the top for me. The glitter! The fishnet stockings! The girls actually took turns showing me how to walk and dance in these clothes. They resented me. I wasn't ever going to be Liza Minnelli."

"It was like going to school. I was learning so much about being a performer, entertaining different audiences, using a stage, choreography."

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