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Track Listing

You're Still The One
From This Moment On
Black Eyes, Blue Tears
I Won't Leave You Lonely
I'm Holdin' Onto Love (To Save My Life)
Come On Over
You've Got A Way
Whatever You Do! Don't!
Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Love Gets Me Everytime
Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)
That Don't Impress Me Much
Honey, I'm Home
If You Wanna Touch her, Ask!
Rock This Country

::Released March '98
::16 million approx copies sold
:: Special Asian Tour Edition CD released in June '99 in India only.


(# indicates highest position
reached on the charts)

You're Still The One #1
This smash hit did it all for Shania internationally (especially in Asia) . Reaching number one almost instantly, it still remains a hot favourite on request shows all over Asia.

When #1
This single was released only internationally. However,it didn't do too well somehow...rare for a Shania song.

From This Moment On #4
Another big hit for Shania internationally. Her Indian look in the video for the song added an extra special touch, especially for us Asians.

You've Got A Way
Ballads are generally hot sellers in Asia and this one was no exception. The fact that Shania looked spectacular in the video didn't hurt either :) Suddenly everyone wanted to watch Notting Hill here :))

Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
This high energy song was a big favourite among the women :). The video however didn't get too much airplay, though the song was on heavy rotation on the radio.

That Don't Impress Me Much
After 'You're Still The One' this was Shania's biggest hit from this album in Asia. The video had the reworked song and was very popular with night clubs.

The song title also found its way into several newspaper captions, including one in the business section of an Indian paper. It read:' That Don't Impress Me Much-- If Shania Twain were keeping tabs on the Indian stock market, that's what she would have said.'

These singles were not released in Asia:
Come On Over
Rock This Country

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