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* YOU LAY A WHOLE LOT OF LOVE ON ME: Sappy ballad, Montreal scenery and Twain with shockingly large hair. It provides only a glimpse of her midriff before some schmuck covers her up with his coat. 1 (Out of five)
* DANCE WITH THE ONE THAT BROUGHT YOU: Sean Penn directed this '93 clip. Straightforward interpretation of the lyrics, an Evita look and memorable only for Twain flirting with Charles Durning. 1.5.
* WHAT MADE YOU SAY THAT: Shot in Miami, it seems like a Paula Abdul clip, but it's still fun. She frolics on the beach with a half-naked hunk and looks much like she does today. There are 13 glorious belly-button shots. 4
* ANY MAN OF MINE: We counted 50 belly-button flashes. The definitive Twain video has her on a cattle drive in chaps, wandering the bedroom in a towel, surveying the barn in a black evening gown and taking a bath wearing only bubbles. Twain shimmies, shakes, and makes the Earth quake. 5
* WHOSE BED HAVE YOUR BOOTS BEEN UNDER?: The men dining in the Longhorn Coffee Shop must be the undead. Twain slithers from one lap to the other and none of them pays any notice. She even table-dances with no takers. Bizarre. The Bo Derek-produced video also has Twain on a front porch with her guitar. The guitar covers her midriff in all but three shots. 3
* THE WOMAN IN ME (NEEDS THE MAN IN YOU): Dreamy clip of Twain in angelic poses and outfits. What do the pyramids have to do the song? Who cares? Six belly-button glimpses and Twain on horseback. 4
* (IF YOU'RE NOT IN IT FOR LOVE) I'M OUTTA HERE!: Twain's rock video. Slo-mo dancers a la Smells Like Teen Spirit, annoying Fame-wannabes and a boring set. The good news? There are 53 belly-button glimpses and the now- infamous red crop-top. 2
* YOU WIN MY LOVE: Call it "Go, Speed Racer, A-Go-Go." Twain, in leather, cruises around a go-cart track and her band lets her win. She shows off her "classy little chassis" and does cartwheels. Eleven belly buttons, and 3
* NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW: Back on the front porch. We finally get to see her band, but little of her midriff. A belly button is only visible in the last shot, with the use of slow motion. 3
*HOME AIN'T WHERE HIS HEART IS (ANYMORE): The clip turns from a Harlequin romance to movie of the week when -- another unbelievable video -- some schmuck walks out on a maternal Twain. Flowers, gowns, Twain in the rain -- wearing white. 2
* GOD BLESS THE CHILD: Twain seems to be saying: "See how good I look? Oh yeah, and life's tough for some folks. But see how good I look?" 1
* LOVE GETS ME EVERYTIME : Twain enters a room filled with outfits. And she wears them all. Twain looks great in each, looks swell eating a banana, and even better rolling around the floor. She doesn't, however, look so hot in the close-up -- we can see her nose hair. 2
* DON'T BE STUPID:It ain't stupid to combine two hot tickets, Shania Twain and Riverdance, into one video. Twain gets jiggy with a group of Celtic artists in what appears to be a flood zone. 3.5
* YOU'RE STILL THE ONE :Shania sells seashells by the seashore. Apparently Twain has been shipwrecked in a Brut commercial and the only torso we see belongs to a hunk. It's the most beefcake in a Twain vid since What Made You Say That? 1.5
Video Fact : Shania's eyes were very watery during this shoot because of her allergies but in some shots in the video she actually liked how the effect looked and so she let those shots remain in the video. You'll notice at some places, that she has little water drops at the corners of her eyes. That's because of the allergy! :) [FACT 2]

Though the article stops there, the videos didn't. So here's some pictures from the rest of the vids.




Video Fact: Shania started thinking about this song at a football game she went to with Mutt. She was kinda bored so she started humming this to herself and the song kind of began there.




Video Fact : The location for this video shoot was too far from any hotels so Shania decided to camp on location. She says it was a lot of fun and very relaxing which is important to her before a shoot. They had a campfire the night before the shoot and it was all a lot of fun according to Shania.


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